Our Location Based Services Includes

GIS Mapping Software

We develop special GIS mapping software to pull vector, raster and attribute data simultaneously for seamless retrieval, storage, and management of data, enhanced maps, or other graphically represented spatial data. The custom real time location tracking software across all the GPS networks and also integrations with third party weather and traffic APIs which deliver real-time, actionable, spatial and environmental data.


3D Imagery Software

We program the 3D imagery software to be merged with GIS mapping software which include the advanced land texturing features and animation capabilities to provide accurate and enhanced 3D maps and displays. We develop custom location and tracking APIs to combine with existing enterprise software applications, in addition to the program IP detection features. We also do the programming for real time routing and re-routing software for the efficient fleet and logistics management with integrated location-based software and GPS tracking technologies. The development of the geo coding software and API integrations to identify the addresses of streets, zip, town, intersection, and other areas of interest to accurately locate land features, optimize routes, and make informed decisions based on both addresses and geographic data helps to further develop the software.

The special integrations with the third party mapping APIs include the applications like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps. We integrate with location services for the marketing automation tools which include the beaconing software through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other transmissions so as to deliver the targeted messages and also track customer data. The development of the custom proximity analytics software further enhances the quality of the software.


We Provide Smart Solutions For Business & People

Gem3s Technologies provides you an end-to-end solution for all your business technology needs. We aim to cultivate a mutual, long-term relationship that helps both of us advance together. Get in touch with us today.


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  • Gem3s has been a great company to work with. I have found them to be responsive, diligent and professional. They have helped create great products and technology and have been an excellent business partner for many years.
    David P MeersPresident - Mobile Telemedical LLC., & The Meers Agency LLC., US
  • After working on some continuous assignments with Gem3s, we have always been impressed with their service, quality and delivery commitment. Looking forward for working with them. Wishing the team at Gem3s all the best 🙂
    Prashanth SridharManaging Partner - Adwants Creative Solutions, INDIA
  • They are very professionals and knowledgeable. Always strive for excellence and very supportive more importantly always available, which is really important to us. Great to work with a team.
    Giri H RammohanDirector - Seiben Technologies Pvt Ltd., INDIA
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