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M-Commerce is The Future Of E-Commerce

M-Commerce is The Future Of E-Commerce

Gem3s is one of the leading E-commerce firm which was been boomed over recent years due to the rise of the use of Internet worldwide. Quick and fast E-commerce which was paved the path for online selling and buying. This is said to have increased the use of mobile. Mobile is said to have focussed commerce or M-commerce is said to become increasingly popular.

Increased In Use of Smart phone
Over 1.2 billion people to access at the internet daily using at their Smart phone as per Trinity Digital Publication. Its well clear on Mobile commerce is becoming globally accepted. Its more interestingly more than 60 % online consumers research about product through Smart phones. Consumer purchase has also become complex.

Advantages of Mobile based commerce
Its easy access to customer location, services and status which can be customized to suit user needs.
Convenient to go accessibility without any need for fixed modem set-up or Wifi.
Different Mobile payment gateways to ensure secure and quick payment.
24/7 continuously and constant customer service to be provided.
This will remove the need to visit the shop physically and increases the comfort of home delivery at the customer’s doorstep.

A Growing Trend
Websites such as Instagram and Pinterest which has become a key touch point for consumer inspirations. Its study stated in using more than 1000 US merchants demonstrated that 16% to have a mobile shopping channel. This will increase trend, about 32 % are deciding to add one to increase up their sales over next year. Big E-Commerce brands such as Amazon and eBay have already created mobile-friendly shopping apps.

Future Forecast
As per data from US Census Bureau and ComScore, M-Commerce is said to be contributed to 11.6% US E Commerce total into 2014. Number is increasingly as Smartphone usage which is also have increased. Its forecasted to hold a 45 % of total US E commerce market by 2020 stated by BI intelligence and the premium research services by Business Insider. At exponential penetration rate of E-Commerce through mobiles is predicted to grow about 300 % as per numerous resources such as Internet Retailer and Statistic.

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