Web Based Training & Continued Training

We create custom healthcare applications that can seamlessly integrate with Allscripts APIs for Electronic Health Record and practice management.

  • We engineer corporate portals and sign up modules that will allow the corporations to buy and create e-learning courses, in addition to allowing the employees to access and complete their training. We have united with corporate intranet through white-labeled platforms to provide the companies with a single-point access sign on the page for employees. We have programmed payment process and permission for the control of purchased content to be transferred seamlessly from the e-commerce platform to the Learning Management Systems or Learning Content Management Systems of corporate users.
  • We create the architecture or the structure for the instructor led webinars (seminars conducted over the internet) for structured and interactive personal improvement. We develop platforms to support self-places tutorials or classes for independent studies. The integration of e-commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS) and the Learning Management System (LMS) platforms to allow the individual end users to purchase online courses from a catalog is also another function. Our other functions include Digital Rights Management (DRM) and e-book applications and also functions agreed by SCORM and AICC.

We should write about HIPAA ( Three to four lines )

We facilitate effective delivery of your trainings through features such as single-point and multi-device access, registration and roster management among others.

Our Complete Healthcare Software Services



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